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A need was identified to establish a state association after several athletic directors in the state joined the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) as charter members and five athletic directors from South Carolina attended a NIAAA conference in December 1986.  South Carolina was one of only two states without a formal organization for state athletic directors.

An organizational meeting was held in July of 1987 and the group voted to proceed to form such a state association.  Ray Wilson took the position of Chairman and a committee was appointed to develop a constitution.  In the fall of 1987 a letter was mailed to all athletic directors, asking them to join the association and to give $10.00 to help defray expenses.  Forty-nine people responded.  In the fall of 1989, John Carlisle called for the first meeting of all state athletic directors at the USC Coliseum.  In 1989, support was expressed by Pete Ayoub, Executive Director of the SC High School League.  By 1991 a constitution was adopted and John Carlisle was elected the first president.  In 1992, a voting seat on the SC High School League Executive Committee was approved.

Since 1993 SCAAA has coordinated the Spring Conference for Athletics.  The conference provides information and professional development courses for athletic directors.   It brings all four Classifications together to meet and conduct business for the upcoming school year.  The High School League holds its Legislative Assembly at this conference; the SC Athletic Coaches Association and the SC Association of School Administrators also participate in the conference.

SCAAA awards its Directors Cup to the school with the most outstanding athletic program in each Classification.  A free professional development course is offered to new AD’s and SCAAA sponsors a Mentoring Program for them.  In addition, the NIAAA courses offered at the Spring Conference have recently been accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, a regional Accreditation group like the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges.  Our quarterly online newsletter is sent to all athletic directors, principals, superintendents and legislators in the state.




  • President: David Byrd, CAA Cheraw
  • 1st Vice President: Lauren West, CAA Northwestern
  • Past President:  Carlos Cave CAA Whale Branch
  • 2nd Past President: Travis Perry, CAA Greer
  • 3rd Past President: Carroll Hester, CMAA Clover


  • 5A Upper State:  Lauren West, CAA Northwestern
  • Lower State:   Tripp Satterwhite,  Carolina Forest
  • 4A Upper State:  Travis Perry, CAA Greer
  • Lower State:  Joe Monmenier, CAA Hilton Head
  • 3A Upper State:  Doug Shaw,  Palmetto
  • Lower State:  Michael Jordan,  Jasper County District AD, CAA
  • 2A Upper State:  Jimmy Weatherford,  Chesterfield
  • Lower State Carlos Cave, CAA Whale Branch
  • 1A Upper State: Mike Beasley,  Blackville-Hilda
  • Lower State: Jason Cox,  Green Sea Floyds
  • Upper State At-Large: Michelle Yeater,  Midland Valley
  • Lower State At-Large: Tracy Fleming,  Bamberg-Ehrhardt

Recording Secretary:  Tommy Johnson,  Soccastee

Administrative Assistant:  Mike Barnes, CAA Retired NIAAA

NIAAA Liaison: Myles Wilson, CAA Spartanburg District 7

State Leadership Coordinators

  • Carlos Cave, CAA, Whale Branch Early College HS
  • Carroll Hester, CMAA Clover

Certification Coordinator: Darryl Nance, CMAA Greenville County School District

Spring Conference Coordinator:  Jerry Linn

Vendor Coordinator:  John Cann, CAA T.L. Hanna

Membership Chair: Jerry Linn


  • Awards:  Carroll Hester, CAA Clover
  • Program
    • Carlisle Cup:  Mike Barnes, CAA Retired
    • Mentor Program:  Myles Wilson, CAA Spartanburg District 7
    • Hall of Fame:  Joe Quigley, RAA North Myrtle Beach
  • Newsletter
    • Mike Barnes, CAA Retired
    • Lauren West, CAA Northwestern
  • NFHS Coaches Ed Coordinator:  Bill Utsey, CAA Retired
  • Retirees
    • Roger Dixon,  Retired
    • Mike Massey,  Retired
  • SCHSL Executive Committee Representative 2016 – Joe Quigley, RAA North Myrtle Beach


  • 1991-93 John Carlisle, Eastside
  • 1993-94 Joe Turbeville, Irmo
  • 1994-95 Ray Stackley, Stratford
  • 1995-96 Barbara Wilkes, North Central
  • 1996-97 Bill Utsey, North Augusta
  • 1997-98 David Mesimore, Keenan
  • 1998-99 Jackie Hayes, Dillon
  • 1999-00 Mark Crawford, Aiken
  • 2000-01 Dean Boyd, Marlboro County
  • 2001-02 Debbie Smith, Crestwood
  • 2002-03 Donnie Woolsey, Easley
  • 2003-04 Darryl Nance, Wade Hampton (G)
  • 2004-05 Tim Touchberry, Fort Dorchester
  • 2005-06 Mike Barnes, Easley
  • 2006-07 Myles Wilson, Spartanburg
  • 2007-08 Tommy Johnson, Socastee
  • 2008-09 Jerry Linn, Beaufort
  • 2009-10 Ben Freeman, Pelion
  • 2010-11 Mike Beasley, Blackville-Hilda
  • 2011-12 John Cann, Landrum
  • 2012-13 Joe Quigley, North Myrtle Beach
  • 2013-14 Carroll Hester, Clover
  • 2014-15 Travis Perry, Greer
  • 2015-16 Carlos Cave, Whale Branch


  • 1992-96  Billy Ammons, Camden
  • 1996-97  Ray Wilson, Spartanburg
  • 1997-00  John Carlisle, Eastside
  • 2000-04  Donnie Woolsey, Saluda/Easley
  • 2004-06  Tim Touchberry, Fort Dorchester
  • 2006-12  Jackie Hayes, Dillon
  • 2013-4/2015  Darryl Nance, Wade Hampton(G)
  • 7/2015- —-  Carroll Hester, Clover


7/2016 – —-      Jerry Linn
1993 – 7/2016   John Carlisle